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About company

Gemini Corp Limited was established on February 22, 2012 in Tanzania by a team of professionals who had been at the head of subdivisions of the Russian and the European industrial groups in the sector of mining industry, construction and energy sector in the countries of the East and West Africa for more than 7 years.

Successful activity and experience gained by our team in the territory of the continent of Africa in the sector of organization of investment, management, takeovers and merging has created a stable base and certainty about success of Gemini Corp Limited.

Selection of Tanzania as the country for location of the headquarters has not been accidental. Tanzania is one of the countries developing the most dynamically in the region, it is politically stable, and it has considerable potential in the mining industry and the energy sector. The banking system of the country is settled; there are a number of large international bank groups in the financial market. The political capital of the East African Community (EAC) is also located in Tanzania.

In the East African region we have implemented a number of successful projects in the mining industry and the energy sector for Russian and European investors.

The uniqueness of our position in the market is that we know the specific nature of both Russian/European and African business processes perfectly and we are constantly in the region.

In order to successfully work in Africa, develop strategy, successfully and quickly promote the customer’s interests, timely react to the situation change, we have to be in Africa.

The majority of failures of companies from Russia and the CIS countries are connected with lack of knowledge of the current economical, political and social situation in the region’s countries. Mostly the strategy of entering the market is initially developed under the impact of out-of-date and false ideas, as well as with steadfast faith into the administrative resource. To achieve success a set of measures is required that includes not only the administrative resource, but also the formation of a correct public opinion, which is one of the basic components for success in the Africa’s countries for any business with foreign participation.

We do not offer universal solutions; each decision is developed for each customer individually applying the latest methods of lobbying and stimulating the target audience.
The company Gemini Corp Limited is always ready to offer you the best strategy of development and the solution of your difficulties.