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Mining business

The state of the world market of objects of mineral resource use in the course of recent years shows that the places of extraction of nonferrous metals and noble metals, rare-earth metals, diamonds and uranium are the most demanded.


Extraction and processing of mineral raw materials has always been a risky sector for capital investment with a long payback period. In the conditions of harsh competition, constant conflicts and rapid decrease of natural resources, the mining companies tend to minimize risks and master the places of extraction in the countries with predictable economics and stable political situation.

More and more politically stable African countries select the direction to development of the raw material industrial sectors with the help of a foreign capital. No doubt, the East Africa countries are among those countries. Unlike the countries of other regions of Africa, the countries of the East African Community are politically stable, have no territorial disputes, mostly mono-ethnic, and actively involved into the regional economical and political integration processes. The valid and future normative acts on the use of mineral resources have been made considering the recommendations of the international organizations.

At the present stage, there is a chance to select objects for investing. The sector is less regulated by the legislation and the country takes a more flexible position by the conditions of providing concessions and their development.

Gemini Corp. LTD is ready to facilitate your success in the sector of investing into extraction and processing of raw materials and render the following services:

Strategic consulting

Our company is ready to render the following services subject to the gained experience:

  • Determination of strategic targets of customer’s company considering the specific nature of the region;
  • Development of a united strategy of customer’s company;
  • Cost minimization;
  • Correct determination and arrangement of priorities in work;
  • Increase of competitiveness of customer’s company.
Lobbying and Government Relations
  • Our company offers services of lobbying the business interests in the public authorities of the countries that are included into the East African Community (EAC).
  • Representing the customer’s interests in the public structures;
  • Formation and development of a positive image of customer’s company in the public authorities and public associations;
  • Establishment of relations with the governmental structures, the community and business environment;
  • Providing actual information about any events, which somehow affect your interests (draft laws under development, decrees, attitudes in the government circles, audits, pressing actions etc.);
  • Chance of informal solution of your arising problems;
  • Formation of a team of supporters in the bodies of executive and legislative power, mass media, as well as in public associations protecting your interests;
  • Establishment of a „most-favored-nation status” for all your initiatives and projects;
  • Chance to ignore sharkers of any level.
Monitoring and market forecast
  • Analysis of global and regional market of raw materials and finished products, logistics calculation.
Provision of logistics and safety

Logistics and safety is one of the key components of any project’s success. Our company has all possibilities to ensure:

  • Full organization of a visit to the countries of the region (transfer, accommodation, security, provision of motor and air transport through all period of stay);
  • Logistics and security of cargos.
Start-up consulting

At the moment there is a rapid growth of the number of foreign companies, which work and are interested in work in the stable growing African market. The success largely depends on your idea, including the methods and possibilities of its implementation, and our company is ready to help you in it.

We are ready to ensure the quickest entry to the market with minimum costs of time, human and financial resources.

  • Idea study;
  • Creation of a business plan;
  • Writing of development strategy;
  • Development of a business model;
  • Formation of a project’s team;
  • Planning of marketing actions and campaigns.

If the customer makes a positive decision:

  • Execution and acquisition o fall permits/licenses and the required documentation for start of activity;
  • Project launching;
  • Organization of marketing and brand campaigns.

Considering the rapid growth of economics and political stability in the East Africa countries, formation of market of securities, appearance of local successful companies that are ready for merging and takeovers by the foreign investors, we offer the following services:

  • We will help to define the target/object for merging/takeover in the region;
  • We will organize and arrange due diligence;
  • We will conduct negotiations and ensure transaction conclusion the best way for the customer;
  • We will organize legal accompaniment (execution of all necessary contracts, permits, licenses, registration of property rights etc.).
Anti-crisis consulting

Any business arriving to new markets faces specific difficulties that are typical for just this one region. The East Africa is not an exception. Working long in the continent of Africa, we have concluded that we can successfully solve these difficulties only applying the „African methods”, because the universal solutions developed considering the European experience, in case of Africa do not work or give a negative impact making the problem even deeper.

Many think that the “African methods” mean corruption, but this is not true. The “African methods” are rules of business making, which as much as possible consider the behavioral model of the business community and the business traditions that have been formed under the impact of culture, mentality, history of nations living in these countries. Without knowing and considering the above it is impossible to create successful business, because the external factors impact formation and development of business processes the most.

Our team has gone all the way from direct implementation of the European experience to application of the successful synthesis of European and African methods. We understand what our customers want from us and how to successfully solve the difficulties that have arisen on the African land.

Our services

Express diagnostics of the customer’s company activity;
Development of a list of anti-crisis measures;
Optimization of organizational structure of customer’s company;
Restructuring of non-core assets (determination of targets and scale of restructuring, assessment of assets, development of measures to increase the efficiency of their use);
Realization of problem assets;
Organization of debt collection;
Refinancing of accounts receivable and accounts payable;
Bankruptcy warning;
Preparation for the procedure of bankruptcy;
Preparation for conclusion of an amicable agreement;
Solution of business conflicts with the local partners.

Our rules while rendering services

  • Keep the information received from the customer confidential;
  • Strictly follow the agreed terms of service rendering;
  • Refuse from the project if there is no confidence in its successful implementation;
  • Duly inform the customer about the possible risks.