1. Establishment of a functioning gold-mining company MMG Gold LTD (TZ) with the processing capacity of 150 thousand tons of ore per year, with licenses for extraction, within 10 years, and successful sales to the pool of Armenian and Russian investors.

Assistance in organization and signing of an Agreement between the Ministry of Energy and Minerals of Tanzania and a Public Corporation “Zarubezhstroy” (Russia) for the investment hydro-power engineering project “Rumakali”. The HPP capacity is planned to be 222 MW. The project’s implementation term is about 5 years; the duration of possession and management is 25 years upon the date of object’s commissioning. The total planned volume of investments will make not less than 700 million USA dollars. It is the first-priority project for the government of Tanzania, because it will provide the Southern regions of the country with the required amount of electric power plus a chance of supplying electric power to the neighboring countries, as well as the international corporations working in the sector of carbohydrates, uranium and coal mining in this region of the country.

2. Project “Ngasamo” (Tanzania) was implemented for the investment company Spalletti Limited (Cyprus). Within the project selection, geological survey and execution of right of possession to the largest potential land pieces in the area of Lake Victoria Greenfields (Tanzania) was implemented. For successful further survey and extraction, a company “East Mine” LTD (TZ) was registered.

While selecting, the strictest requirements were given regarding the area under survey; special attention was paid to the following aspects:

  1. arrangement of laboratory and field works with a purpose of detecting the geological structures, which are perspective from the point of view of discovery of the gold-bearing objects for industrial gold-mining.
  2. execution of all necessary sample tests involving the leading world laboratories in this sector (a group of laboratories SGS). </>

3. Mining company “South Mine” LTD (TZ) was established for the Russian investors.

4. Service rendering to establish a trading company for purchase and sales of precious metals and stones “ETG GOLD” LTD for the Italian investors.